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20/10/2017 alle 21:32  [post iniziale]  Afterlife

19/10/2017 alle 23:11  [post iniziale]  Secondary Font

I found the first font used in this logo:

..., but I know there is a second font used in the making of this logo. Need help finding it. Thanks!

17/10/2017 alle 22:46  [post iniziale]  Altars of Horror

Please help

18/08/2017 alle 03:06  [post iniziale]  Festival of the Deadliest

03/11/2016 alle 01:45  [risposta]  You have no chance


10/10/2016 alle 01:35  [post iniziale]  You have no chance

Pls help

05/09/2016 alle 04:38  [risposta]  Academy of Villains House of Fear

Need to find out what the other used is? Thanks!

01/09/2016 alle 02:16  [risposta]  Dead Man's Wharf

Anybody know it? I really need help finding it.

31/08/2016 alle 03:25  [risposta]  Survive or Die Apocalypse

Carattere Identificato: Old Type

30/08/2016 alle 03:14  [risposta]  Vamp '55


28/08/2016 alle 20:28  [risposta]  Chance In Hell

By any chance you wouldn't happen to know what the other font is do you?

28/08/2016 alle 20:28  [risposta]  Dead Man's Wharf

Found the scratched looking font, just need help finding the other font.

Carattere Identificato: Scratch Basic

27/08/2016 alle 02:08  [post iniziale]  Dead Man's Wharf

What fonts are these?

27/08/2016 alle 02:07  [post iniziale]  Vamp '55

Can I has help?

27/08/2016 alle 02:06  [post iniziale]  Chance In Hell

27/08/2016 alle 02:04  [post iniziale]  Survive or Die Apocalypse

Need Help plz

27/08/2016 alle 02:02  [post iniziale]  Academy of Villains House of Fear

Help me Dafont, you're my only hope!

23/08/2016 alle 16:16  [risposta]  Lunatics Playground 3D

Found all fonts except for the D in "3D." Need help finding that one. Thanks!

21/08/2016 alle 03:31  [post iniziale]  tomb of the ancients

21/08/2016 alle 02:54  [post iniziale]  Lunatics Playground 3D

I know a couple of fonts used in this logo are: Kontakt Zagreb & Psycho Poetry, but there is a third font I am having a hard time finding that was used to create this logo. Any help would be appreciated!

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