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02/08/2013 alle 22:47  [post iniziale]  what is this font?

04/07/2013 alle 06:10  [risposta]  "summer nights"

Thank you!1

04/07/2013 alle 06:00  [post iniziale]  "summer nights"

thanks in advance!
i already know the other font.

04/07/2013 alle 05:26  [post iniziale]  both fonts please!

"new heights"

thanks in advance!!

02/07/2013 alle 16:31  [post iniziale]  font please?

Thanks in advance!!

11/06/2013 alle 08:39  [risposta]  galakticaa

I don't think this is a font, probably just handwriting since all the A's are different as well as the other letters.

10/06/2013 alle 18:20  [risposta]  ignore the background lol.

Does anyone know this font? c:

10/06/2013 alle 18:20  [risposta]  bohie.

Am I mistaken that this is handwritten?

10/06/2013 alle 18:18  [post iniziale]  "As bright lights we'll thrive"

Thanks in advance!! c:

10/06/2013 alle 18:17  [post iniziale]  All Boundaries Are Conventions

(& the description if possible, thanks in advance!!) c:

Thanks in advance!! c:

05/06/2013 alle 19:46  [risposta]  lust :)

Sorry, I hadn't seen that before. Do you know what font it is?

04/06/2013 alle 00:34  [post iniziale]  font please?

the name of the songs, and "drive" if you can! thank you in advance (。◕‿◕。

16/05/2013 alle 16:37  [post iniziale]  What is this font?

sorry for the small picture,

21/08/2012 alle 02:42  [post iniziale]  monospace font

i'd like to know the body font
thanks in advance!!

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15/07/2012 alle 17:27  [post iniziale]  wolfwolf

18/06/2012 alle 04:01  [risposta]  What font is this?

this isn't a font, it's made by 0riginal on tumblr

18/06/2012 alle 04:01  [risposta]  What font is this?

it's not a font it's made by 0riginal on tumblr

19/04/2012 alle 23:16  [post iniziale]  jw c:

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