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14/04/2016 alle 19:16  [risposta]  Pacific Coast font

Oh yeah, I love Gin and Bourbon and the like.

Well thanks for the help anyway folks!

14/04/2016 alle 02:49  [risposta]  Pacific Coast font

Hmm. Still hoping someone knows that font. That S feels like it's pretty unique.

What about the "FRUIT COMPANY" text, any idea on that font?


12/04/2016 alle 20:38  [risposta]  Pacific Coast font

WhatTheFont came up empty :(

12/04/2016 alle 19:16  [risposta]  Pacific Coast font

Yeah I've found a few close but just haven't found the right one

HOping someone knows this font!

12/04/2016 alle 18:03  [post iniziale]  Pacific Coast font

Looking for the font for the "PACIFIC COAST" text there. Love it.


05/06/2015 alle 03:23  [post iniziale]  Motocrossy numbers

Found a better image. Anyone know this font or even a font similar to it? Any help is much appreciated from you wizards

04/06/2015 alle 05:37  [risposta]  What's this font?

Carattere suggerito: Pandora

YOU ROCK. thanks!

30/05/2015 alle 19:58  [risposta]  WISH font

the dot is moved separately, but it's ITC Bauhaus Bold

Carattere Identificato: ITC Bauhaus Bold

30/05/2015 alle 19:55  [post iniziale]  love this font...but no idea what it is.

Looks like Capture It but solid/not grunged/distressed. Definitely a stencil font.

Here's a bunch of stencil fonts...

Carattere suggerito: Capture it

You cracked it! Thanks! DPape, you are my hero today haha

14/10/2014 alle 00:58  [risposta]  Font help

Awesome! Thanks so much! This is such a terrific resource, I really appreciate it.

13/10/2014 alle 23:14  [post iniziale]  Font help

Looking for some help from the font geniuses. Any ideas?

13/10/2014 alle 22:47  [risposta]  Doctor Who

Any help?

29/09/2014 alle 19:54  [post iniziale]  Doctor Who

I realize someone probably just edited an existing font to create that 'R' appearance, but can anyone point me in the right direction for what font this started as? Thanks!

29/09/2014 alle 19:51  [risposta]  S Dollar Sign font

That's just badly drawn by hand. Very likely not a font.

22/09/2014 alle 17:42  [risposta]  Twitter Free Font please?

Carattere suggerito: Pico Black

22/09/2014 alle 17:41  [risposta]  Instagram Free Font please?

Carattere suggerito: Billabong

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