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30/03/2012 alle 14:34  [risposta]  SUPREME Logo?

Carattere Identificato: Futura Heavy Oblique

30/03/2012 alle 14:20  [risposta]  Both Fonts :)

"Things are .... if you love them."

Carattere Identificato: Century Gothic

Slightly modified version of this, the designer has trimmed some of the edges.

Carattere suggerito: Aaux Next Semi Bold

27/03/2012 alle 16:30  [risposta]  Please help

Carattere Identificato: Bebas

27/03/2012 alle 15:20  [post iniziale]  Policia Metro font

27/03/2012 alle 13:10  [risposta]  Jamboree 2012 Logo font ?

Top two lines. "J" is custom.

Carattere Identificato: Chevin Pro Medium

27/03/2012 alle 12:37  [risposta]  Fuente de Lasso

Tracking has been altered to bunch the letters together.

Carattere suggerito: Neues Bauen

27/03/2012 alle 12:22  [risposta]  identify please!!!!

Carattere Identificato: Eames Century Modern

27/03/2012 alle 12:14  [risposta]  EMPORIO ARMANI

Carattere suggerito: Italian Bodoni

27/03/2012 alle 10:36  [risposta]  Font Name?

Carattere Identificato: Ubuntu

26/03/2012 alle 12:53  [risposta]  Help!!

It's a system font on macs.

Carattere Identificato: Chicago

Modificato su 26/03/2012 alle 12:57 da drf_

26/03/2012 alle 12:46  [risposta]  Help

Carattere Identificato: Tall Films Expanded

23/03/2012 alle 17:34  [risposta]  EG font?

Just use the letter "I" as the arm and make it smaller and rotate it 90 degrees.

It's a heavily modified version of this, they've modified and tapered the ends to look like toothpaste out of a tube.

Carattere suggerito: Ocean Sans Bold Italic

Carattere Identificato: Abeat By Kai

Carattere suggerito: Steelfish

23/03/2012 alle 12:17  [risposta]  this font plz !!

Carattere suggerito: ITC American Typewriter Medium Alternate  (GiÓ suggerito qua)

Also, some characters are taken from this font:

Carattere suggerito: Chalet-Paris-1970

23/03/2012 alle 12:15  [risposta]  beats by dr dre

It's a mix between these two fonts and some others too, for example the "y" is completely different but every other character can be fond in these two fonts.

Carattere suggerito: Chalet-Paris-1960 & 1970

It's quite a heavily modified version, for example they remove the tails off the "b" and "d" to replicate the logo.

Carattere suggerito: Chalet-Paris-1960

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