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11/04/2012 alle 10:35  [risposta]  David guetta

10/04/2012 alle 16:34  [risposta]  Urgente!!!!!!

Carattere Identificato: SimSun

10/04/2012 alle 15:31  [risposta]  Whats the name?

Carattere Identificato: Futura Condensed Extra Black Italic

10/04/2012 alle 15:22  [risposta]  gran turismo


10/04/2012 alle 14:54  [risposta]  "Driving Traffic" Font

Carattere Identificato: Futura Bold Italic

Yes, my master.

You sense my desperation when I post it on here AND myfonts.

05/04/2012 alle 09:53  [post iniziale]  " I NEVER SEE YOU LOSE YOURSELF "

05/04/2012 alle 09:43  [risposta]  Font name, please

"GILLOS" Avant Garde Bold
"GAS & LUBE" Avant Garde Extra Light

Carattere Identificato: Avant Garde

04/04/2012 alle 15:00  [risposta]  What this font ?

Carattere Identificato: Nixie One

04/04/2012 alle 14:20  [risposta]  THREE IN ONE!!!!

I see fonts. I name fonts. I disregard the rules bro.

Carattere Identificato: Helvetica Neue Ultra Light

Carattere Identificato: Avenir 95 Black

03/04/2012 alle 18:20  [risposta]  THREE IN ONE!!!!


Carattere Identificato: Wisdom Script

Carattere suggerito: Code Pro

02/04/2012 alle 16:17  [post iniziale]  TOMS Font

02/04/2012 alle 12:20  [risposta]  What's this Font?

Closest you'll get is this. It seems the counter (inside) has been squared off and the edges/corners rounded off.

Carattere suggerito: Poster Sans

02/04/2012 alle 10:14  [risposta]  BBC Football Focus

Why can't you delete posts :( it makes me feel bad when I get beat by admin by a few seconds.

02/04/2012 alle 10:07  [risposta]  BBC Football Focus


Carattere suggerito: Gotham Black  (GiÓ suggerito qua)

Carattere suggerito: Steelfish Bold

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