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21/07/2015 alle 20:11  [risposta]  What font is this please

Considering that the i's look different from each other, I don't think this is a font.

21/07/2015 alle 20:09  [post iniziale]  Font

09/11/2014 alle 20:29  [post iniziale]  Psycho

12/12/2013 alle 02:22  [post iniziale]  Aquafina Flavorsplash font?

Not the ones that say "color me kiwi" or "berry coco" or "feelin' good" I'm aware those aren't fonts... But the font of "Flavorsplash sparkling"

17/11/2013 alle 20:26  [risposta]  Font? Its the average news article font.

Modificato su 17/11/2013 alle 20:33 da Da Panda

17/11/2013 alle 20:08  [post iniziale]  Font?

30/10/2012 alle 02:53  [post iniziale]  Font?

"Lee Hi" font?

30/09/2012 alle 20:26  [risposta]  Help me with this font?

I believe it's HUDung B? Which is a Korean font. c: You can get a bunch of Korean fonts on which they can type in English and Hangul!

Carattere suggerito: HuDung B

30/09/2012 alle 17:57  [post iniziale]  "Forever Sunshine" font?

"Forever Sunshine"

16/09/2012 alle 02:36  [post iniziale]  ALL of the fonts used in this photo?

"Orange Caramel" "Lipstick" "The First Album"

10/07/2012 alle 00:30  [risposta]  Font Help. not that.. The text in between the word SISTAR. Like in between I and S is summer, between S and T is special and between T and A is album... That font.

08/07/2012 alle 23:32  [post iniziale]  Font Help?

08/07/2012 alle 23:31  [risposta]  Font Help.

Thank you! But do you know the "SUMMER SPECIAL ALBUM" font also?

08/07/2012 alle 23:20  [post iniziale]  Font Help.

Any of the fonts in the picture would be helpful..

14/03/2012 alle 16:07  [risposta]  "be wild" font?

Carattere Identificato: King CooL KC

14/03/2012 alle 16:04  [risposta]  brand

The closest font I could find was Saved By Zero.

Carattere suggerito: Saved By Zero

14/03/2012 alle 15:51  [risposta]  Big Bang Alive Font

The font is Saved by Zero. If you are also a fan of 2NE1, I believe this font is close to the 2NE1 logo font also.

Carattere suggerito: Saved By Zero

28/12/2011 alle 18:46  [risposta]  Whats this font?

Its close, But its a bit more sharper than what I was looking for.. Also the font has those accents as shown.

28/12/2011 alle 16:42  [post iniziale]  Whats this font?

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