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21/11/2011 alle 22:25  [risposta]  need font

Thank you

21/11/2011 alle 22:12  [post iniziale]  need font

Just the red one

10/11/2011 alle 19:40  [risposta]  ????

Never-mind I found it. It's American Typewriter

Carattere Identificato: American Typewriter Medium

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10/11/2011 alle 19:34  [post iniziale]  ????

I know its not much to go off of but if it could be identified it would help me out a lot. thnx

10/11/2011 alle 19:04  [risposta]  need to find the font


09/11/2011 alle 23:12  [post iniziale]  need to find the font

the lower case t doesn't need to be longer, I can do that myself, but if it already is that would be great

08/11/2011 alle 22:13  [post iniziale]  need similar font

28/10/2011 alle 19:52  [risposta]  please help with this one

thank you

28/10/2011 alle 19:47  [post iniziale]  please help with this one

need to know which one this is

31/08/2011 alle 21:08  [post iniziale]  need to find the font

The ampersand ( & ) is the most important part

04/08/2011 alle 22:28  [post iniziale]  tea smith

I need to know the font please

03/08/2011 alle 19:08  [post iniziale]  what font, please help?

i need to know what font this is, please

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20/07/2011 alle 21:42  [post iniziale]  3 fonts

this is the best image i have but I need fonts that look as much like the three on here, the big one, the numbers, and the smaller one at the top.

20/07/2011 alle 21:05  [risposta]  fonts


20/07/2011 alle 20:55  [post iniziale]  fonts

I need to know what both of these font are please

28/06/2011 alle 20:36  [risposta]  TACOS!!!!!


28/06/2011 alle 20:20  [risposta]  TACOS!!!!!

no this the only one i have

28/06/2011 alle 20:10  [post iniziale]  TACOS!!!!!

what font?

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23/06/2011 alle 21:43  [post iniziale]  which one is it?

what font?

Modificato su 23/06/2011 alle 21:44 da BlackFire Studios

02/06/2011 alle 22:40  [post iniziale]  What are the fonts

I need to know the fonts used in this logo, Or fonts that are similar.

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