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26/04/2011 alle 20:29  [risposta]  Are Your Guys Font Copyright or No?

Thanks, koeiekat. Out of curiosity, where did you fine that info? There was no readme or other info included when I downloaded and installed the font. Do you happen to have updated contact info for them? Thanks again.

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26/04/2011 alle 16:17  [risposta]  Are Your Guys Font Copyright or No?

TaylorTheSkater ha detto  
That font is sort of lame(No offense) Try this one.

Uhhh.....yeah....thanks for the suggestion

26/04/2011 alle 15:16  [risposta]  Are Your Guys Font Copyright or No?

Menhir ha detto  
picklethepug ha detto  
... one of the fonts ...

What font ?

Font is called United States:

25/04/2011 alle 23:45  [risposta]  Are Your Guys Font Copyright or No?

I can't find the contact info for the designer of one of the fonts I would like to license for commercial use. When file is downloaded, Copyright file info says "It's the font on the dollar bill!"

Am I overlooking a link to contact the font designer when their name is clicked on a font page? When I click the designer's name, all I get is a list of the fonts they have submitted. No way to contact?

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