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14/03/2021 alle 13:25  [risposta]  Easter handwritten/script font

Thank you Lancon!

09/03/2021 alle 13:05  [post iniziale]  Easter handwritten/script font

Thanks in advance for any help identifying the font for the word Easter seen here

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16/08/2020 alle 16:22  [risposta]  Brush script font

20121994 ha detto  
Perfect Sunset Otf

Thank you!

A free to use font if possible, thanks

16/08/2020 alle 14:50  [post iniziale]  Brush script font

Looking for this font or something similar that's free, thanks!

Perfect! Thank you!!!

I tried a online font ID but it couldn't match "Seasons", "Times" appears to be Tabac Glam G1 RegularbySuitcase Type Foundry

Thanks in advance for your help!

I was able to ID the font myself, here's the link if anyone's interested. If someone has a similar font that's available for free I'd appreciate it if they'd share a link. :-)

Carattere suggerito: Whistler

28/05/2017 alle 02:55  [post iniziale]  Ashland Strawberry Faire Poster Font

Please and thank you!

01/05/2017 alle 04:16  [post iniziale]  Scprit/Calligraphy Font

Help ID "Crocus" script please and thank you!

27/04/2017 alle 16:28  [risposta]  Font identification help

Could be a variation of Asterism, my cousin used Asterism for her wedding. I found it for free somewhere but can't find the source, sorry!

Carattere suggerito: Asterism

06/07/2016 alle 17:50  [post iniziale]  Handwritten font

Please and thank you for your help in identifying this font

07/02/2016 alle 01:34  [risposta]  Champion Chevrolet

Many thanks jerseygirl!

07/02/2016 alle 01:00  [post iniziale]  Champion Chevrolet

29/10/2015 alle 04:07  [risposta]  Fonts seen here please & thank you

Thanks donshottype & anonymer!!!

27/10/2015 alle 02:18  [risposta]  Fonts seen here please & thank you

Thanks anonymer for Currency!
Any ideas for 'Jacob Frye'?

27/10/2015 alle 01:54  [post iniziale]  Fonts seen here please & thank you

Need both fonts (the quote and Jacob Frye)

19/07/2015 alle 23:13  [post iniziale]  TV Series Edit Font II

"Need: Why don't you learn to swim?" Please & thanks in advance!

19/07/2015 alle 23:11  [post iniziale]  TV Series Edit Font

Need: "You've redeemed me..." Please & thank you!

30/06/2015 alle 21:17  [risposta]  Font for PBS series Poldark

Many thanks!

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