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22/09/2020 alle 07:13  [post iniziale]  Is This Cataneo or something else?


Help needed. What font is in use in "Anak Langit" title?

It's generally seem like Cataneo, but the different in terminal 'k' makes me doubt.
Is there any Cataneo-inspired font out there or Cataneo alternative that looks exactly like this?

Thank you!

18/11/2017 alle 09:28  [post iniziale]  Font used in Sweet Love?

Anyone knows what font is this?

Thank you!

18/11/2017 alle 09:27  [risposta]  "Lovely Mood" font?

jerseygirl ha detto  
Sweet Love

ah! thanks!

18/11/2017 alle 08:46  [post iniziale]  "Lovely Mood" font?

Hi everyone,

Anyone knows what font is used in "Lovely Mood"?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, anyone knows the font used in "IZZI"?

Thank you!

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15/11/2017 alle 06:14  [post iniziale]  Help Font used in Gatsby Logo

Help Font used in Gatsby Logo, anyone knows this one?

thank you!

22/08/2017 alle 07:38  [post iniziale]  Please Help

What is this font?

19/04/2017 alle 07:08  [risposta]  How to delete font in dafont?

Rodolphe ha detto  
Which one ? (but if the problem is just its name, you can update it with a different name, no need to delete it)

i have tried this but nothing changed. Is is a must to update with significant progress/different?

09/03/2017 alle 04:49  [risposta]  How to delete font in dafont?

Cat.B ha detto  
Hello dear,

why this reaction?

That's not great.

Why you put your font on Dafont then?

All my art fonts are on Dafont and am please that i do.

You must not judge things or someone like this without living time to make its time.

Hope you understand anything in life is easy if you want to achieve something you have to be

patient,courageous and faithful to reach your goal.


a font I have made years ago contains hate speech, i am regret to name that way, i want to delete that, because i am so much emotionally stable at this age right now

07/12/2016 alle 11:13  [post iniziale]  What is this sans-serif font?


29/06/2014 alle 17:40  [risposta]  What is this font Google uses?

Open Sans

Carattere Identificato: Open Sans

21/06/2014 alle 17:55  [risposta]  Serif ID...

Clarendon? any Egyptian serif

Carattere suggerito: Clarendon

21/06/2014 alle 17:51  [risposta]  What font is used


Carattere suggerito: Helvetica

08/03/2014 alle 16:36  [risposta]  Looking for Faizal Reza

google may help

What kind of font do people right here like most?
there some theme that having greater downloads than other and vice versa.

05/03/2014 alle 23:13  [risposta]  How many fonts can i upload?

telling problems of fonts that rejected probably good but tiring

01/02/2014 alle 16:32  [risposta]  font?

Carattere Identificato: Echinos Park Script

Carattere suggerito: Arial

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01/02/2014 alle 16:26  [post iniziale]  How to write EULA?

Hi people,

I have some donors that want an EULA for the font they going to use. I have no idea to create one. Please help me, give me the example.


01/02/2014 alle 16:20  [risposta]  Font?

TW Cen

Carattere suggerito: Twentieth Century

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