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30/05/2011 alle 16:48  [risposta]  Britney Spears

Carattere Identificato: Britney Spears FF

30/05/2011 alle 16:14  [risposta]  what font?

Myotis ha detto  
It IS Levi Brush.

Still I'm not convinced.

30/05/2011 alle 16:12  [risposta]  what font?

Myotis ha detto  
some letters slightly modified

Slightly? Nearly all letters are modified, and some not even a bit... I think you're wrong with Levi Brush.

Allright, letters like the T and the N are very similar. But take for instance the E. Nowhere near. The R, also very modified... The H doesn't match...

My opinion...

Well, I'm busy trying to make my first sans serif font, and it isn't going completely as planned... So didn't really have time to translate

Oh, thx for the translation! And for the speaking Chinese... That was because I had nothing else to do, so I took Google Translate

rocamaco ha detto  
Obviously you haven't understand my irony, else agreed too...

Hehe, I agree aswell with Myotis, but I didn't understand your irony, because I don't speak Spanish or whatever it was

28/05/2011 alle 12:27  [risposta]  Any Fonts Like This

Carattere Identificato: Hiruko Black

27/05/2011 alle 07:50  [risposta]  Front help

Gex009 ha detto  
The font is this, perhaps with a blur or noise> median in the tips ...
See ya!

No, this is the same font, just with another name: Proof
Alternate cuts are the same font by another foundry or name.

26/05/2011 alle 18:10  [risposta]  Front help

rocamaco ha detto  
I don't say not...
but why not with the own "Eurostile Bold"?...

Well, first I want to say I'm only familiar to Photoshop, and in Photoshop the thinnest stroke you can add, is 1px, and then it would be too bold to match the image.

26/05/2011 alle 16:28  [risposta]  Front help

No rocamaco, not modified, but they have taken Eurostile Demi and stroked it in for instance Photoshop... By stroking you get round edges.


25/05/2011 alle 23:10  [risposta]  Help!

Carattere Identificato: Raspoutine DemiBold

25/05/2011 alle 17:38  [risposta]  Shaun the Sheep font??!

"I <3 Shaun" is "Comic Sans Bold"

Modificato 4 volte. Ultima modifica su 25/05/2011 alle 18:10 da rocamaco

25/05/2011 alle 16:26  [risposta]  Help me with this font Pliz *-*

And if you're interested in the font in the upper-left corner...

Carattere Identificato: Waltograph

25/05/2011 alle 16:00  [risposta]  Wonderful(Remember) Big bang

I'm not completely sure, but this could be a modified 'Pump'... , but it also quite looks like ITC Bauhaus

Carattere suggerito: Pump Demi Bold

24/05/2011 alle 22:30  [risposta]  Help with this font - Swizz Events

Carattere Identificato: Telegrafico

23/05/2011 alle 20:59  [risposta]  Title Font?

Carattere Identificato: Rockwell Std-Extra Bold

21/05/2011 alle 11:44  [risposta]  What is the font ?

Just for the information, he (probably) made it rounder by stroking the font in Photoshop. If you 1px stroke the font (or maybe 2px) you'll get the result he has got.

21/05/2011 alle 11:37  [risposta]  I need This Font (:

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