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24/12/2010 alle 12:50  [risposta]  Kesha Font , Please

It's her signature, not a font...

19/12/2010 alle 17:54  [post iniziale]  Zenvo

Hi there,

does anyone know the font used for this emblem? Or something similar?

Thx in advance!

16/12/2010 alle 20:07  [risposta]  Anyone know what this is for font

Here it is!

Carattere Identificato: Boom Box

13/12/2010 alle 17:32  [risposta]  Mclaren Font plz:)

WhatFontis ha detto  
For c,a,r,e and n.

I don't think so, if you see the curve of the r, thats different. And the left top curve of the n is hooked, not curved like Magistral

11/12/2010 alle 11:16  [risposta]  "Quietly Brilliant"

vinz ha detto  
don't be rude, it's no big deal. It happens, he was trying to help.

I didn't meant to be rude, I wanted to make clear to him that if you read what the question is, you don't make this fault.
I know everybody makes mistakes, but still.
I'm sorry :(

09/12/2010 alle 22:38  [risposta]  "Quietly Brilliant"

BuLL ha detto  
I thought he wants the HTC Font

Maybe you should read what the person who requests a font asks, it's quite clear if you read what he said above the image!

aka6000 ha detto  
It's a font !
In this cover it's the font mofified i guess BUT in the game you can see this font with no modification So it's a real font.
But i can't find it !

Bye :-)

Well, both of the N's are different, both of the A's, and both of the E's. Probably not a font!

08/12/2010 alle 16:40  [risposta]  Hey Monday Font.

Well, this isn't exactly the font, Y is closer to the E in the image, and the O, D and the A ar closed in the image.
But for the rest it looks the same.

05/12/2010 alle 12:19  [post iniziale]  Test Drive Unlimited

Just the part with Test Drive Unlimited, not the handwritten part!

04/12/2010 alle 18:22  [risposta]  WHAT IS THIS FONT????

2 O's, both different (If I see it right). So most probably not a font!

30/11/2010 alle 13:42  [risposta]  what is font?

Here it is (I think)

Carattere Identificato: Nilland

29/11/2010 alle 21:37  [risposta]  What is this font?

3 p's, all different... You'll surely not get one which is precise the same...

27/11/2010 alle 18:08  [risposta]  Platteland In Uitvoering

This one looks more like it! But still thanks!

27/11/2010 alle 18:07  [risposta]  Platteland In Uitvoering

Carattere suggerito: Stencilia

27/11/2010 alle 18:02  [risposta]  Platteland In Uitvoering

Thanks, Looks good enough!

27/11/2010 alle 15:45  [post iniziale]  Platteland In Uitvoering

02/11/2010 alle 19:01  [risposta]  Porsche

Thanks Rodolphe, this is good enough!

02/11/2010 alle 18:06  [post iniziale]  Porsche

02/11/2010 alle 18:01  [risposta]  font for lambo

Never mind

Carattere suggerito: Roadway

Modificato su 02/11/2010 alle 19:05 da ITellYa

01/11/2010 alle 22:22  [risposta]  What font?

Probably a lil' modified Ebor Script yeah!

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