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05/02/2011 alle 16:46  [risposta]  Font?

Modified A, W, E and spacing between A and Y

Carattere suggerito: Devil Breeze

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05/02/2011 alle 10:39  [risposta]  ????????????????

Not a font, all O's and G's differ...

05/02/2011 alle 10:38  [risposta]  blogg

Not quite it, but close for the light pink one...

Carattere suggerito: Impact (On your pc)

05/02/2011 alle 10:35  [risposta]  Popular Mystery Font

rocamaco ha detto  
I think the font "Report School Bold" is very close, don't you?

By the way, is it possible that this logtype is a logotype of my old university?

Report School Bold

No, this logotype isn't of a university, it's an internetprovider here in the Netherlands, probably also somewhere else...

04/02/2011 alle 17:43  [risposta]  when love

Custom designed, all E's differ...

03/02/2011 alle 18:03  [risposta]  Rise Against

Also, I want to say that the small text and the part as "and we are" and "Rise Against for peta2" are the same font's, so only need to ID the large part, as it is easier to ID that...

03/02/2011 alle 17:49  [risposta]  Rise Against

Allright, I'll see what I can do for you...

IDK if this will help anyone indentify the font, but I turned the "and we are" part into black and white

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03/02/2011 alle 15:21  [risposta]  Rise Against

If you mean "RISE AGAINST" and "VEGETARIANS" with the big one, that is not a font, as all I's, E's, A's, T's, R's, G's and T's differ...

03/02/2011 alle 08:33  [risposta]  Question On Font

Well, I don't know the font... But In my eyes, this was deffinatly a modified font, if it is one, or even custom made...

If you look at the I think A's, one has been cut off, and the T's run into each other... So I give it a good chance not to be a font.

02/02/2011 alle 20:42  [risposta]  peta 2

Here, you gotta pay for it:

02/02/2011 alle 16:54  [risposta]  Font identification

Probably custom made...

31/01/2011 alle 22:19  [risposta]  I need helllppp.PLS

Well pitumh and rocamaco,

I think it's just Diskus, but a litle modification to the serif at the L. Also has the curve of the L been erased...

31/01/2011 alle 17:11  [risposta]  Font ID Request

I also think this isn't a font... There is only one font I know where it's able to put letters this way without modifying it...
Also, watch the 'h', I don't think they would put that in a normal font...

So, I say hand made, or modified....

29/01/2011 alle 13:31  [risposta]  What's the font? :$

okayfonts ha detto  
rocamaco ha detto  
Hola, mira estoy bastante seguro de la fuente que es, pero del peso, es decir anchura etc..., lo cierto es que lo he seleccionado mirando la lista de variantes de "Proxima Nova"... Adéu...

I am sure enought of the font, but the weight of it I choosed at first sight...

Proxima Nova ExtraCond Light

but how to download ?

You have to buy the font, as it's not a free font... Go to buying choises, there you can buy it...

Sorry about my wrong one, was hard to see on the picture you added...
Rocamaco is probably right!

Carattere suggerito: Universal Accreditation

29/01/2011 alle 10:47  [risposta]  What is this font?

Reboard probably

Carattere Identificato: Reboard

27/01/2011 alle 18:45  [risposta]  cursive in this photo?

mccaughtrycj ha detto  
well i'm pretty sure the fonts used in the "you are my sunchine" are a font and not handwritten because the same look appears all over the "eye candy overlay, vol25" website that the designs were taken from. i just would really like to use that font in my own creations. (i will be sad if they turn out to really not be a font)

thanks rocamaco for identifying the other font!

Well, both N's are different, so that means it probably isn't a font, when talking about "You are my sunshine" :(

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26/01/2011 alle 18:52  [risposta]  The name of this typeface? Please!

Same letters like the N and the O differ, so I'd say this is modified or not a font...

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