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13/02/2011 alle 22:22  [risposta]  Font of Glee

Frankenteenq ha detto  
It's similar, but not equal :S

There is always the possibility that when someone makes a logo, they edit the text a little to fit their liking...

13/02/2011 alle 09:37  [risposta]  what this font is, please?

A little modified...

Carattere Identificato: Plastizid Bold

Modificato su 13/02/2011 alle 09:39 da ITellYa

13/02/2011 alle 09:35  [risposta]  Sorry what is the font

The rest of the text is Bank Gothic

Carattere Identificato: Bank Gotchic

13/02/2011 alle 09:23  [risposta]  tattoo font

Look close to both E's and O's, they are both different...

So this is hand made by the tattoo artist...

12/02/2011 alle 17:39  [risposta]  this one please??

Well, Boston Truckstyle is really close, but I think if thats it, they did do a lot of modifications...

12/02/2011 alle 16:43  [risposta]  this one please??

chrisjaustin ha detto  
custom western font most probably.

No, probably not custom, but just really hard to identify due to the fact that it isn't in a 2-D way in the image, but 3-D, so software for identifying can recognise it...
It probably is a font...

12/02/2011 alle 16:26  [risposta]  The Rebel8 ou Wild Ones logo

Both R's, E's, T's, N's and S's are different, so this is not a font....

12/02/2011 alle 16:24  [risposta]  What are these fonts?

Autobiography is not a font....

12/02/2011 alle 16:17  [risposta]  VEVO

FontFever ha detto  
Does somebody know where i can get a font with the logo of VEVO or just a font like the VEVO letters?

You really said: 'Or just a font like the VEVO letters?'

Rodolphe just did what you asked...

Also a possibility

Carattere suggerito: Sweetie Pie

Perhaps you can use this one, it has hearts on the 'i' and 'j'... but no capital A, I, K, T, X and Y

Carattere suggerito: Kaileen

10/02/2011 alle 17:43  [risposta]  Reconnaissance de police


Carattere suggerito: Avenir Black

10/02/2011 alle 16:50  [risposta]  font?

ohextine ha detto  
Here is the link.


Sorry ohextine, this was not meant towards you, it was meant to the reply of msebald

10/02/2011 alle 14:56  [risposta]  font?

When suggesting a font, you have to add the link to the font, not to the image that has been uploaded O_o

08/02/2011 alle 18:49  [risposta]  Recherche fonte

alfa37 ha detto  
for me is not Avant Garde Gothic.
the "R" is not same

Well, there always is the chance that a font is used, and it has been modified to fit the liking...

07/02/2011 alle 18:50  [risposta]  Cuando toca la campana Font?

Carattere Identificato: Sketch Block

07/02/2011 alle 18:22  [risposta]  its a corporate logo for telecom

Used a captive G for the G, and made it smaller...

Carattere Identificato: Cocon Regular

Modificato su 07/02/2011 alle 18:23 da ITellYa

06/02/2011 alle 19:13  [risposta]  Another font identification..

Way too small to recognise any part of it...

06/02/2011 alle 17:27  [risposta]  unknown font

The Guardian ha detto  
It 'similar but not identical. It 'hard to find

It is the same, only a little squeezed by hand...

06/02/2011 alle 11:39  [risposta]  What is this font?

C and N in Candy, and the T in City, is Century Gothic Bold...

Carattere Identificato: Century Gothic Normal + Bold

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