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24/02/2011 alle 19:02  [risposta]  What are these fonts?

Carattere Identificato: Neon 80's

24/02/2011 alle 16:49  [risposta]  Options

Maybe ITC Lubalin Graph? (Not the S ofcourse...)

Carattere suggerito: ITC Lubalin

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24/02/2011 alle 16:46  [risposta]  i┤m sorry...

Even with the blur you can see that both R's differ, no way that this is a font...

24/02/2011 alle 08:29  [risposta]  please help me

Carattere Identificato: Nevis Bold

24/02/2011 alle 08:27  [risposta]  please help me

kormen ha detto  

Avenir« CE 95 Black

No, Avenir has the middle point of the M on the baseline...

24/02/2011 alle 08:23  [risposta]  Billabong Font

24/02/2011 alle 08:20  [risposta]  Can't remember what I used...

Carattere Identificato: Vtks Revolt

23/02/2011 alle 22:46  [risposta]  What is this font?

Carattere Identificato: Futura Extra Bold

23/02/2011 alle 22:41  [risposta]  Anyone know this font?

Not completely sure, but I think the A's and N's differ, so not a font then...?


23/02/2011 alle 20:29  [risposta]  Fonts


Carattere Identificato: Impact

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23/02/2011 alle 19:19  [risposta]  What are these fonts?

I suspect 'Salsa' isn't a font, as both S's and A's differ...

No need to recreate a thread, we probably just don't know

23/02/2011 alle 18:17  [risposta]  What is the font?

No problem

23/02/2011 alle 18:13  [risposta]  What is the font?

Carattere Identificato: ITC Bolt

23/02/2011 alle 18:01  [risposta]  HELP...

Oh, sorry Rodolphe, didn't see Freehand on myfonts... I found a link to a free site... dumb of me!

23/02/2011 alle 17:26  [risposta]  What is this font, please?

What stands there? Rou...laz, Rouolaz?

If it's Rouolaz, then probably not a font, as the both O's differ then...

23/02/2011 alle 17:21  [risposta]  HELP...

dr3amchase ha detto  
ITellYa: Thank you for your reply, but that is not Cascede Script,is Freehand 471 BT

Hey dr3amchase, Freehand 471 BT is probably a rip-off of Cascade Script, as Cascade is commercial, and Freehand is free...

23/02/2011 alle 08:35  [risposta]  HELP...

I know you didn't ask for it, but if you want to know: 'THE KING OF FAMILY'

Carattere Identificato: Cascade Script

22/02/2011 alle 22:30  [risposta]  What is this font?

zevobh ha detto  
Reboard looks a bit skewed...

I'm sorry, the fonts has been identified correct... so your vision might be skewed

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