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26/02/2011 alle 09:46  [risposta]  What Font is This?

Carattere suggerito: Avant Garde Extended Light

26/02/2011 alle 09:45  [risposta]  Jlo "Love?" font?

Carattere suggerito: Avant Garde Extended Light

26/02/2011 alle 09:35  [risposta]  Font JLO?

Modified O's... "ON THE FLOOR", also used for the "JLO"

Carattere Identificato: ITC Avant Garde Std-Xlt

26/02/2011 alle 09:27  [risposta]  ABC Network FONT

Carattere suggerito: TXTGroovy Smooth

26/02/2011 alle 09:24  [risposta]  Better Belly

Carattere Identificato: Avant Garde Extended Light + Regular

26/02/2011 alle 09:02  [risposta]  Anyone Know?

Carattere Identificato: Sweet Confusion

25/02/2011 alle 20:24  [risposta]  WSOP font?!?


Carattere suggerito: Reforma Grotest Bold

Modificato su 25/02/2011 alle 20:25 da ITellYa

25/02/2011 alle 20:20  [risposta]  What the font?

The O's differ, and if I'm right also the I's, not a font...

25/02/2011 alle 19:25  [risposta]  Help?

srtobrunooh ha detto  
Isn't Bree,
Have outher font?

Go to the glyphs tab in myfonts, there you can see the other type of A and E

25/02/2011 alle 19:22  [risposta]  Help?

rocamaco ha detto  
Look at the glyths, please...

It happened the same to me when I'm searching it...

No modificated, it's exact...

Thanks rocamaco, I always just look at the Waterfall, not at the Glyphs! I didn't knew this yet! Thanks for the help!

25/02/2011 alle 19:16  [risposta]  Help?

R u sure rocamaco? a and e differ... You suggest modified?

25/02/2011 alle 19:06  [risposta]  hehehehe

25/02/2011 alle 16:25  [risposta]  hehehehe

T, E, N and G look like Eurostile to me...

Also, the top of the Y is the same, so I think a modified Eurostile

Carattere suggerito: Eurostile Ext Black

25/02/2011 alle 16:14  [risposta]  The font of this logo

Modified zero for the O

Carattere Identificato: Jellyka Castle's Queen

24/02/2011 alle 22:28  [risposta]  Please help

rocamaco, make that Arial Narrow Bold

Carattere suggerito: Arial Narrow Bold  (Giā suggerito qua)

Modificato su 24/02/2011 alle 22:28 da ITellYa

24/02/2011 alle 20:23  [risposta]  ENSLAVED

And the N and the D of "ENSLAVED" remind me of Xirod, but it has to be customised quite a lot then, but when it's a game, that is possible...

(EDIT: The d is probably a D upside down...)

Carattere suggerito: Xirod

Modificato su 24/02/2011 alle 20:27 da ITellYa

24/02/2011 alle 20:21  [risposta]  ENSLAVED


Carattere Identificato: Eurostile Ext Black

24/02/2011 alle 19:20  [risposta]  help,please.

Carattere Identificato: Bleeding Cowboys

24/02/2011 alle 19:10  [risposta]  Font for ept text?!


Carattere suggerito: Bitsumishi

24/02/2011 alle 19:04  [risposta]  Whatīs fontīs is

Carattere Identificato: Beagle Brigade

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