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17/03/2011 alle 18:27  [risposta]  police/font

Carattere Identificato: Trebuchet Bold

17/03/2011 alle 18:21  [risposta]  Kerrang All Time Low Article


Carattere Identificato: Nidex Cond

17/03/2011 alle 18:13  [risposta]  Kerrang All Time Low Article


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17/03/2011 alle 18:09  [risposta]  Recherche Police.

I suspect they used Goudy and modified it...

Carattere suggerito: Goudy Serial Bold

17/03/2011 alle 17:56  [risposta]  LOUD

Carattere Identificato: Helvetica 23 Ultra Light Extended

17/03/2011 alle 14:51  [risposta]  Font

cruelwarrior217 ha detto  
how can i download that font in *myfonts*??

- Make an account on
- After you've made an account, you can add it to your cart and buy it.

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17/03/2011 alle 07:47  [risposta]  Satisfied

Carattere Identificato: Circle

16/03/2011 alle 22:41  [risposta]  I need english Windows screen captures

koeiekat ha detto  
Hi vinz, what OS are you using for your explanation?

In the link he gave is clearly seeable that he uses Windows...

16/03/2011 alle 19:22  [risposta]  I need english Windows screen captures

vinz ha detto  
I'm not fluent in Dutch

I am And my English aint that bad either...

16/03/2011 alle 19:10  [risposta]  Faber Castell

Carattere Identificato: Nofret BQ Light SC

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16/03/2011 alle 19:09  [risposta]  Font

Carattere Identificato: Bryant Regular Alt

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16/03/2011 alle 17:37  [risposta]  I need english Windows screen captures

Well, I use WinRaR to extract my files, and that is English, the steps are basically the same, so...

But the part in Explorer is in Dutch on my PC, although the difference between 'Install' and 'Installeren' can be modified with Photoshop or so...

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16/03/2011 alle 17:10  [risposta]  I need english Windows screen captures

Sorry, I'm only able to do Dutch screen captures...

But if you want me to do Dutch ones, send me a PM plz...

16/03/2011 alle 16:58  [risposta]  font name


Carattere Identificato: Caviar Dreams

16/03/2011 alle 16:23  [risposta]  Font Identification

For 'STUDIOS' I can't get closer then Bitsumishi Pro

Carattere suggerito: Bitsumishi Pro

16/03/2011 alle 16:18  [risposta]  Font Identification

The R will be custom...

'K' and 'U'

Carattere suggerito: Maisee Bold

16/03/2011 alle 16:15  [risposta]  this font is!?

Also possible

15/03/2011 alle 22:36  [risposta]  this font is!?

What do you suggest rocamaco, used uppercase W for the lowercase w in 'POWER'?

15/03/2011 alle 20:37  [risposta]  Recherche de police [photo]

The N looks like Tachyon, the I could be Tachyon with custom dot... Not sure about the A...

Carattere suggerito: Tachyon

15/03/2011 alle 20:24  [risposta]  wedish

This one is quite close...

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