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05/04/2011 alle 16:02  [risposta]  i need this vintage font.

Carattere suggerito: Alternate Gothic No. 1

05/04/2011 alle 13:37  [risposta]  Font for this header?

Carattere Identificato: Harabara Mais

05/04/2011 alle 13:29  [risposta]  font?

Here are two links:

English Towne Normal
New York Times

They are not precise the same, but I think they do come quite close...

05/04/2011 alle 13:12  [risposta]  Font?

Carattere Identificato: ITC Bookman Medium

05/04/2011 alle 13:00  [risposta]  what font is this? can u help me?


Carattere Identificato: 911 Porscha

05/04/2011 alle 08:40  [risposta]  Son House

adampeake ha detto  
I'm almost positive.
Trade Gothic

I don't agree, the S has longer tails, and in Trade Gothic, the E sticks out of the imaginitive circle, in the image, the E follows the line...

05/04/2011 alle 08:20  [risposta]  Son House

Carattere Identificato: Thalia

04/04/2011 alle 19:06  [risposta]  Need help finding a Font

Check your PM MaxBeta

04/04/2011 alle 18:11  [risposta]  BlackBook

and if you want to know 'BRIGHT STAR'

Carattere Identificato: Helvetica Extra Compressed

04/04/2011 alle 17:54  [risposta]  BlackBook

Condensed by hand

Carattere Identificato: ITC Lubalin Graph Demi

04/04/2011 alle 17:38  [risposta]  Need the Rubber Stamp Font

This is the only other font on Dafont I can find with Rubberstamp in it's name...

04/04/2011 alle 15:33  [risposta]  i need this font

Carattere Identificato: Estilo

04/04/2011 alle 15:30  [risposta]  Help me please

mdstudio ha detto  
it's an ARIEL converted manually or winsoft on Mac

I do not agree with mdstudio. You can see that the ends of the A and the S are a little shorter in the image than Arial.
Why would you modify that?

04/04/2011 alle 14:55  [risposta]  alive till im dead font

Carattere Identificato: Stymie DC Light

04/04/2011 alle 14:06  [risposta]  whats this font??!?

Carattere suggerito: Dutch 801 Bold Italic

04/04/2011 alle 13:43  [risposta]  help me...

No, the lines are thinner and the lower serif of the E differs...

04/04/2011 alle 08:31  [risposta]  police

Carattere Identificato: Franchise

03/04/2011 alle 22:34  [risposta]  Paint.NET

Tutorials from the site itself:

Windows XP
Windows 7

PAY ATTENTION: only supports TTF Font Files, not OTF Font Files

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I can't find it either...

You can always try a comment @ the font here...

03/04/2011 alle 16:35  [risposta]  For My Forum plz :)


Carattere Identificato: Wearetrippin Display

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