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Carattere suggerito: Galactic Vanguardian

Thank you dafont for quickly updating a font that I had only released a few days ago. Your services are well appreciated. I also sent some graphics with font, a 720 x 360 png file, 200 dpi, and it was not posted with the font. Is there a new policy in place for the poster banners? I've noticed lots of fonts coming online now without the standard poster graphics? Again, thanks for all your hard work. Any answers you can give me are appreciated.

12/05/2012 alle 05:44  [risposta]  The Avengers

Carattere suggerito: Avengeance

10/05/2012 alle 06:07  [risposta]  The Avengers Font


Carattere suggerito: Avengeance

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20/01/2012 alle 17:52  [risposta]  what is a font plz

Carattere suggerito: CFB1 American Patriot

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20/01/2012 alle 17:51  [risposta]  dO YOU KNOW THIS KFONT?

also ARB 44 Chicago Modern

16/05/2011 alle 07:33  [risposta]  An old Ciggie Display font.

ARb-218 neon

Carattere suggerito: ARB-218 Neon Blunt

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