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17/06/2014 alle 00:34  [post iniziale]  Identify fonts

Hi there,

Would any of you clever people identify the 2 fonts on the image?

Thank you.

24/10/2013 alle 16:15  [risposta]  Font accepted but not live

Thank you for the reply drf..

24/10/2013 alle 15:55  [post iniziale]  Font accepted but not live

Hi there Font Folk,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but I received an email saying: "The font you submitted (Clown has been added on DaFont.
Thank you!" However, it isn't showing up on the website ... any ideas? Thank you

15/11/2012 alle 13:48  [risposta]  SIMILAR??

the korataki font is similar....

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