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30/08/2013 alle 22:53  [risposta]  cheet4hprint-xo


27/07/2013 alle 21:18  [post iniziale]  cheet4hprint-xo

do you know the font for this?
even the subtext if ya can

20/06/2011 alle 20:57  [risposta]  Like Woah Clothing.

thanks that will do.

20/06/2011 alle 20:29  [post iniziale]  Like Woah Clothing.

like i know the font. i used to have it.
but now i've forgotton it. ><
help me?

20/03/2011 alle 15:57  [risposta]  help?

aww cheers. (:

20/03/2011 alle 15:30  [post iniziale]  help?

15/03/2011 alle 13:00  [post iniziale]  Vintage Love

i mainly just want the two fonts, Vintage & Love.
and the "toxic kisses task 4" as a bonus...if you can.
thankyou and much love if you do. <3
i haven't got the patience unlike you guys x

sorry the image isn't clear. i did try

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