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Why is no one revealing this font?

I tried to find the font called grass, but i can't find it... Anyone can reveal this font and link?

Can somebody how don't know this chalk-font?

Can anyone how to reveal this chalkboard font?

jerseygirl ha detto  
Yes, it's Gill Sans.

No it's not, Look at the numbers, it's not the equal like that!

Is it gill sans or other any gill sans font?

That's an ojamajo doremi episode same as this channel swapped on languages, isn't it?

The result font is Sniglet, It's made of other cute or soft fonts.

Carattere Identificato: Sniglet

Heron2001 ha detto  

Thx, Heron2001!

Please can you reveal this font?

This Is MLNE769 Here The MLNE769's Logo Font Answer #2 Results Is Here, Because No One Revealed The Font & Suggested Is Annoying...

I've never seen that anime show before.

The answer is over at "834" number Result is Shin go pro.
My first Identified font!

Carattere suggerito: Shin Go

LEAURSA ha detto  
Lemon Milk

Not That One...

Im trying to reveal this font at 6/12/2020, Is it TW Cen MT Sharp, or what is this font?
Proof at the faker logo:

Hello, can you please what is this font because of this impostor to reveal this font?
I think this font dosent fit like Obese & square font...

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