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09/06/2021 alle 14:43  [risposta]  font name for goodyear?!

Actual font is called "Wingfoot Sans"

Carattere suggerito: Wingfoot Sans

09/06/2021 alle 08:33  [risposta]  MLP Micro Comic Font

Both fonts are paid.(not free)

09/06/2021 alle 08:30  [risposta]  My Little Pony

The "Little Pony" part is also a very modified of Ice Age font.

24/05/2021 alle 06:26  [risposta]  Gang Beasts Font

I hate Mayton. Because it's not similar, it's a demo font, and it has no letter "H"!

It's missing an uppercase "W".

15/05/2021 alle 14:47  [risposta]  SOUL (disney pixar)

Someone named "NubeFonts" made the exact font.

Carattere suggerito: Soul

12/05/2021 alle 17:55  [risposta]  Fall Guys Font help

It's similar to "Asap".

Carattere suggerito: Asap

Similar font is "In A Flash".

Carattere suggerito: In A Flash

10/04/2021 alle 11:15  [risposta]  Font?

"ART NOT FINAL" part is "Babs Kai"

Carattere suggerito: Bebas Kai

10/04/2021 alle 11:13  [risposta]  Font on numbers

"ART COMMISSIONS!" part is "Luckiest Guy"

Carattere Identificato: Luckiest Guy

07/04/2021 alle 13:17  [risposta]  Kids

It's "Helvetica".

Carattere suggerito: Helvetica

I searched "Sand Dollar C font" and it's a different type of font.

devil Breeze.

# #### devils

I angels

Carattere suggerito: Devil Breeze

That's the wrong censor!
That supposed to be "24 zettabytes of ####", "24 zettabytes of sh!t" or "24 zettabytes of shit"


"devil Breeze" is the closest that I can get for that.

Carattere suggerito: Devil Breeze

06/04/2021 alle 09:07  [risposta]  Little Nightmares Fonts?

It's not Amatic. But it's similar to Amatic.

"SONIC" is also Futura Extra Black Italic BT

Carattere suggerito: Futura Extra Black Italic

"Twitch TV" by: MaxiGamer is an actual font.

Carattere suggerito: Twitch TV

10/03/2021 alle 11:14  [risposta]  Font name please! TIA

Carattere Identificato: Pepsi

10/03/2021 alle 11:14  [risposta]  Need help please

Kimberley is the font use. It's free(bold(BD) only) and paid.

Carattere suggerito: Kimberley

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