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22/06/2020 alle 17:33  [post iniziale]  2pac font

hey yall i need yalls help finding the font on this picture please!

20/05/2020 alle 16:24  [post iniziale]  2pac I get around

just need help finding the fonts for 2pac I get around please

21/04/2020 alle 04:23  [post iniziale]  Too short players font names

10/04/2020 alle 22:41  [post iniziale]  Panther movie font

i only need the font for Panther

10/04/2020 alle 22:39  [post iniziale]  Life movie cover font

hello can yall help me find the fonts for "Eddie&Martin" and "Life"

06/04/2020 alle 05:10  [post iniziale]  Curtis Mayfeild superfly cover

wassup i need yalls help findin the fonts used for this cover

05/04/2020 alle 19:04  [post iniziale]  Friday soundtrack cover

wazzup yall do yall think yall can help me find the fonts used for the Friday soundtrack cover

09/03/2020 alle 15:17  [risposta]  Beginnings

@pbntny And to you dawg woow.... just wow this looks exactly like the font im looking for. I think they used this same exact font its incredible thanks so much for helping me find the font ive been looking so long for!

09/03/2020 alle 15:14  [risposta]  Beginnings

@Heron2001 Thanks dawg so I did end up looking up PFDumb Old Typewriter One Normal and it turns out they still have it! it looks very similar!! Thanks so much for helpin me!

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06/03/2020 alle 22:48  [post iniziale]  Murder was the case

Aight I need help finding the fonts for snoop doggs "Murder was the case" movie cover
In beloved memory of calvin broadus 1972-1994 MURDER WAS THE CASE

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06/03/2020 alle 17:11  [post iniziale]  Beginnings

Wadup so I made a post earlier talking about the fonts used on Tupacs album cover for "Beginnings-The lost tapes 1988-1991" yesterday I had found out the font for "the lost tapes 1988-1991"(thanks to BranFont) now I just need the font for " Beginnings"

Modificato su 06/03/2020 alle 20:26 da jerseygirl

Thanks Bran now I just need Beginnings!!!

Tupac Shakur Beginnings the lost tapes

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