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26/03/2021 alle 08:54  [risposta]  Fonts Name

Carattere Identificato: Verdana

23/03/2021 alle 16:20  [risposta]  which font used in this image

Carattere Identificato: Gill Sans

22/03/2021 alle 17:00  [risposta]  sorry, but...

Modificato su 22/03/2021 alle 17:02 da marty666

22/03/2021 alle 16:56  [risposta]  sorry, but...

Carattere suggerito: Fette Unz Fraktur

The other screenshots posted by OP really make me think it's a font.
Maybe it's a custom one (big brand).

22/03/2021 alle 14:53  [risposta]  anyone know these fonts?


Carattere Identificato: Two Adventurers

I'm not sure, as there are 4 identical 0s, 3 identical Cs, 3 identical Ns, 3 identical Es, 3 identical Ss,...

22/03/2021 alle 11:14  [risposta]  please help

Google offers many fonts under open source licenses.
This is not one of them. Please see for options you can use.

Carattere Identificato: Grande

22/03/2021 alle 10:23  [risposta]  What font is this?

Looking at how the E is different (smaller height), i'd say it's not a font, just some sort of botched custom work

Written and Directed by

Carattere Identificato: Gotham

manually compressed

Carattere Identificato: Arial

22/03/2021 alle 09:35  [risposta]  lore

Hi syariefod,
There's no payment method on Dafont. Licenses are not sold through Dafont.

22/03/2021 alle 09:14  [risposta]  font

please use the identification forum

19/03/2021 alle 16:33  [risposta]  font name pls

Carattere Identificato: Gotham

19/03/2021 alle 16:29  [risposta]  Please tell me, what font this is?

Carattere Identificato: DIN

19/03/2021 alle 16:04  [risposta]  log off and go to sleep font

Carattere Identificato: Harmond

19/03/2021 alle 14:56  [risposta]  Font?

Andrey Luiz ha detto  

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