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17/09/2010 alle 12:02  [risposta]  What font is this?

you mean on the images at the bottom of this blog ?
all letters which are supposed to be the same are different.
Maybe it's a font with alternates, bu i don't think so

on the other blog i don't see something that could be similar, please provide us images

17/09/2010 alle 10:46  [risposta]  Font Identification

Yeah, Calibri Bold seems to be the good match

17/09/2010 alle 10:44  [risposta]  Font search

AllStar will fit, you just have to trash it with Photoshop / Illustrator

Carattere suggerito: Allstar

17/09/2010 alle 10:39  [risposta]  What font is this?

maybe i'm wrong, but it looks handwritten, not a font

17/09/2010 alle 01:07  [risposta]  Trouble unzipping SSF4 Akubet font

if you ever come back... what was the problem ?

16/09/2010 alle 00:29  [risposta]  identification de typo

euh elle ne ressemble pas vraiment (pas du tout ?) je trouve...

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15/09/2010 alle 23:15  [risposta]  Trem da Alegria Font

i said something like "the kerning of Deko is pretty scary"

15/09/2010 alle 21:45  [risposta]  Please help me to find this font.

de rien !

15/09/2010 alle 21:27  [risposta]  Trem da Alegria Font

(wow le kerning de la Deko fait flipper)

15/09/2010 alle 21:10  [risposta]  Please help me to find this font.

ha ha Les Fils de P*te !!

15/09/2010 alle 20:53  [risposta]  Please help me to find this font.

je pense que tu te mets dans l'illégalité si tu la trouves et t'en sers...

Carattere Identificato: LFP par Eric de Berranger

15/09/2010 alle 16:51  [risposta]  Hi

there's no link for pr0n or vi4gra...
ok there's a link for a dvd duplication factory, but that's all...

sorry i'm dumb ! =)
i'm also running XP and never experienced such a problem...
as metaphasebrothel said, you probably have a font with the same name already installed.

15/09/2010 alle 13:51  [risposta]  Hi

welcome Arthur !

(ps : sorry, i moved your topic from Identification forum to this one, i think it's a better place)

Modificato su 15/09/2010 alle 13:52 da marty666

15/09/2010 alle 13:28  [risposta]  Prince Of Persia Movie Font

and what's the version of you Windows OS ?

15/09/2010 alle 11:19  [risposta]  what font is "New York" in?

it's printed on a folded fabric, quite difficult to see the real letters...

15/09/2010 alle 11:17  [risposta]  Can you name two?

no problem

15/09/2010 alle 11:16  [risposta]  Trouble unzipping SSF4 Akubet font

SSF4 = Super Street Fighter 4 ?
are you trying to leave us a special message ?

15/09/2010 alle 00:55  [risposta]  NEED this font, HURRY!

i thought about Coolvetica by Ray Larabie, but it isn't... sorry

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