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07/01/2019 alle 10:34  [risposta]  SCRAMBLER

close enough thanks

oh great thanks

i think its just alright since its the same size as the first one tho but will try it resized thanks!

i cant post another one because its identical with the first one.
ive been looking for the fonts used in ducati scrambler logos and only my first request was successful and the rest was deleted because its identical.
i found a vector of one of the logos but its the older version which is not being used anymore.
im thinking of deleting my first request so i can post another because its already answered anyway but there seem to be no delete request available or could there be another way????
huge thanks!!

it could be identical with your previous request to identify font. ive been struggling with mine as well and i cant seem to delete the previous one i have published. its really annoying like the last thing i could do is make another account which is also stressful.

28/12/2018 alle 08:59  [post iniziale]  SCRAMBLER

been looking everywhere for this font. i get veryclose matches but doesnt work. i hope i can get a response soon. big thanks xx

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