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13/09/2019 alle 20:10  [risposta]  Cyberpunk 2077 Title Font

Thank you! No everyone please follow his link. And do be sure to show your appreciation!

13/09/2019 alle 18:41  [risposta]  Cyberpunk 2077 Title Font

I no longer have the files needed to make the font nor do I have the font uploaded to my drive anymore sorry everyone, I don’t see myself redoing it anytime soon hopefully someone actually makes the font better than what I did. The spacing on it wasn’t too good as it was my first time trying to make a font. If you know someone who can make the provided letters into a font then that would be wonderful but do credit the one who took the time to actually make it which is the owner of the person who commented first with the png of the letters.

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18/06/2019 alle 12:37  [risposta]  Cyberpunk 2077 Title Font

Here is the google link to the folder containing the font for those of you who would like to get it.

06/08/2018 alle 11:31  [risposta]  Cyberpunk 2077 Title Font

Very nice!

13/07/2018 alle 12:39  [risposta]  Cyberpunk 2077 Title Font

It's come to my knowledge that people still are wanting this font..if you'd like to to receive it please contact me on my Twitter @iTs_LyonA or email thx everyone for your interest as well in this

17/06/2018 alle 18:11  [risposta]  Cyberpunk 2077 Title Font

Btw, if you guys are designers and such I'd love to see what you do with the font follow me on twitter and share it with me

17/06/2018 alle 18:07  [risposta]  Cyberpunk 2077 Title Font Here is a link to the download on my drive for you all, now bare in mind its my first time converting soemthing into a font so the spacing is a bit off but can be easily altered when you resterize the Type Layer in photshop after you type what you want.

16/06/2018 alle 07:26  [risposta]  Cyberpunk 2077 Title Font

I sent you guys the link..Now like I said in your guys private messages I do not have experience with doing this but i really wanted it, so the spacing is a bit weird however me being a designer thats not a problem i can just make the text into a solid layer and move the individual letters how i see fit..But really want to thank you man for making the letters you did a beast job!

15/06/2018 alle 03:52  [risposta]  Cyberpunk 2077 Title Font

futurepunk ha detto  
this is a custom font, i designed an alphabet based on it you can see the PNG here If someone with the knowledge would like to turn it into an actual font that would be cool

I have made it into a font with the image you provided, I thank you for taking the time to make them. You did an incredible job, the font is being uploaded to here if approved i will provide you a link if not i will email it to you if you'd like

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