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19/02/2018 alle 21:12  [post iniziale]  Font unknown for logo

Hi everyone!, i need your help again, is about the font of the picture attached, the text in color white, i need to know what font is.

I hope you can help me as fast as you can


19/02/2018 alle 14:22  [risposta]  Font unknown for logo

damz ha detto  
Arial Black

It doesn't match, i tried just a moment ago, thanks bro.

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17/02/2018 alle 18:38  [post iniziale]  Font unknown for logo

Hi everybody! i need your little help friends. I have this imagen of a logo, but i canīt find the fonts, i assume it 2 fonts in the image. I hope you can help me
RE: I received the first suggestion, but the font it doesn't match for the two type of letters it I can see in the logo.


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07/02/2018 alle 23:30  [risposta]  Tipografia no encontrada

Carattere suggerito: Freehand 575

07/02/2018 alle 23:27  [post iniziale]  Tipografia no encontrada

Hello everybody, i need your help.

I have this photo, and i was seeking the font of word "blueberry". I tried vectorizing the image to find the font, but my search was useless. I canīt found the font. Can you help me?

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