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17/04/2019 alle 17:55  [risposta]  Font? // ¿Fuente?

This is a custom monogram font. There is a free one here on Dafont called Monogramos.

Carattere suggerito: Monogramos

16/04/2019 alle 18:59  [risposta]  Font?

Kenyan Coffee is similar and comes in two weights with italics and it's free.

Carattere suggerito: Kenyan Coffee

16/04/2019 alle 18:51  [risposta]  Font?

Carattere Identificato: SF Sports Night

11/04/2019 alle 18:13  [risposta]  desperaate

Carattere suggerito: Intrepid Bold

These old title screen were hand lettered. The closest font is a recreation called That's Font Folks.

Carattere suggerito: That's Font Folks!

BG MOTORS is Agency Gothic Bold

Carattere suggerito: Agency Gothic Bold

10/04/2019 alle 03:11  [risposta]  need help please

Carattere Identificato: Copasetic

09/04/2019 alle 22:42  [risposta]  Font id please

They squashed the letters (especially the L's so they are not as tall) but each of the letter shapes match up 100% with Hearty Script.

Carattere suggerito: Hearty Script

09/04/2019 alle 20:51  [risposta]  need help with Always please

It's Galatia by Amar Lettering here on Dafont.

Carattere suggerito: Galatia

09/04/2019 alle 20:38  [risposta]  What the font ???

This is most definitely the Star Wars logo. It is probably a combination of two Star Wars fonts because some characters like the R, M, and N have leading serif and some do not. SF Distant Galaxy is the closest.

Carattere suggerito: SF Distant Galaxy

09/04/2019 alle 18:21  [risposta]  Recherche police

Bank Gothic Medium with modifications.

Carattere suggerito: Bank Medium

09/04/2019 alle 18:20  [risposta]  Converse All Star font

Carattere suggerito: Memphis Bold

08/04/2019 alle 20:04  [risposta]  rambo

This was probably handlettered considering it was the early 1980s and the unbalanced forms of the letters.

08/04/2019 alle 17:17  [risposta]  Salem cigarettes

It appears to be a modern update of the 1960s logo. I'd say it's a logo and not a font.

08/04/2019 alle 17:00  [risposta]  Font Search from a Punkbandlogo

Carattere Identificato: Keepon Truckin NF

08/04/2019 alle 16:55  [risposta]  HELP!!!

Carattere Identificato: Rio Grande

Carattere suggerito: Europa Grotesk

07/04/2019 alle 08:20  [risposta]  Any ideas? 🙏

Carattere suggerito: Kare

07/04/2019 alle 08:17  [risposta]  THALES

Modified version of Bunken Tech Sans Pro Wide Bold

Carattere suggerito: Bunken Tech Sans Wide Bold

07/04/2019 alle 07:39  [risposta]  WHAT FONT?

Carattere Identificato: Phosphate Inline

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