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Font Request!

14/04/2013 alle 21:28

Hey I really want to figure out what this font is. Its got some runic stylings (on the M) and the rest just looks like its doubled in a cool way. Any help is appreciated thank you!

Its on both the Serena Ryder-Harmony/Stompa Album Covers

Font Request!

Carattere Identificato

Marlowe Escapade  Suggeriti da Klaus C. 

30/04/2013 alle 22:13

A bit edited.
Carattere Identificato: Marlowe Escapade

06/05/2013 alle 16:28

Nice font :X

06/05/2013 alle 17:20

My favorite !!!

06/05/2013 alle 17:32

Thanks so much Klaus C. for figuring it out! It's dead on!

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