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OneRepublic Native Font

21/03/2013 alle 08:50

I would like to know both of the fonts used in this image, thanks!

OneRepublic Native Font

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Caratteri suggeriti

Futura  Suggeriti da deathbeak 
Halis Grotesque Black  Suggeriti da lauretax 
Gotham  Suggeriti da deathbeak 

08/05/2013 alle 22:17

The "onerepublic" part is probably 2 fonts used together. The main part looks like a font called Gotham, and the E's & B are some runic font typeface (unfortunately I am not sure what precise one this is)
Carattere suggerito: Gotham

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08/05/2013 alle 22:17

The "Native" font looks like futura.
Carattere suggerito: Futura

Modificato su 09/05/2013 alle 10:26 da drf_

27/08/2013 alle 16:14

I think that the most similar font that I can find for "one republic" is Halis Grotesque SC Black
Carattere suggerito: Halis Grotesque Black

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