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04/03/2013 alle 00:24

Does anyone know what fonts are the bolded one? And all others if possible. I know the font with the slight curl in it is Museo, just don't know the others. Thanks!


Caratteri Identificati

Neutra No. 2 Text Bold  Suggeriti da rocamaco 
Museo Sans 500  Suggeriti da rocamaco 

04/03/2013 alle 00:47

Carattere Identificato: Neutra No. 2 Text Bold

04/03/2013 alle 00:50

The rest: 'Museo 300' and 'Lucida Sans Unicode'...

04/03/2013 alle 00:50

thank you!!! Do you happen to know what the tabs at the top are? "portfolio / expressionengine / meetus / etc"

04/03/2013 alle 00:53

Carattere Identificato: Museo Sans 500

04/03/2013 alle 01:10

Thanks!! I thought I saw the same Museo 'G' but wasn't sure... blah.

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