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Teen Idle

17/02/2013 alle 13:09


Teen Idle

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Cooper Black  Suggeriti da juanisapizza 

17/02/2013 alle 14:05

the font it's called Cooper Black
Carattere Identificato: Cooper Black

17/02/2013 alle 15:24

juanisapizza ha detto  
the font it's called Cooper Black

Cooper Black

it's not free...:(

17/02/2013 alle 16:30

Nope. But you paid a lot of money for your iPad and iPhone so $29 won't kill you, trust me.

17/02/2013 alle 16:34

Modificato su 17/02/2013 alle 16:34 da rocamaco

17/02/2013 alle 16:35

rocamaco ha detto  

your like marina and the diamonds?

17/02/2013 alle 16:39

Definitely, Spain is in crisis, we go directly to the abyss...

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