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Lords of Salem font?

10/02/2013 alle 17:16

Can anybody name this font?

Lords of Salem font?

Carattere Identificato

Trajan Pro  Suggeriti da rocamaco 

10/02/2013 alle 17:17

Carattere Identificato: Trajan Pro

10/02/2013 alle 17:20

Thanks. Was really looking to see if there was an already made "modified" version. Oh well...

Thanks though.

10/02/2013 alle 17:23

You're welcome...

See the two S's, have different effects, so used to mean the effects were later...

10/02/2013 alle 17:27

I recognized the effects done in a post-production software...but what was throwing me off was the letter D, A, M, and O...the actual font design (shape?) is different...sharper edge maybe?

10/02/2013 alle 17:28

They are simple cuts, not acceptable as a new font IMO...

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