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Can't identify this font!

01/02/2013 alle 21:38

Would love to know the name of this font!

Can't identify this font!

02/02/2013 alle 18:11

Give us more text, please...

02/02/2013 alle 19:04

With a w, k, e and t like this we should have enough I think. Not that that really helps, as I can't find it. Alas.

02/02/2013 alle 21:13

I don't think this is a font - the lower case I is duplicated in the text and does not match one another....

I originally thought this might be something that House Industries once put out - but honestly, I ran it through three different programs and came up empty... so I'm concluding this is not a font... sorry.

02/02/2013 alle 21:42

The origin:

Modificato su 02/02/2013 alle 21:45 da rocamaco

02/02/2013 alle 22:48

Even with this only the k should be enough. Yet no match this side.

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