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An unusual font

21/01/2013 alle 20:26

Hey, I made a logo a while ago and now that I'm trying to re-make it, I just can not recall the font I used. I have included the letters used in the logo in the picture.

The only similar once I've found is Paragraph Bold, but it's payware and is slighty different.

I can also remember that the "i" had a dot above it.

An unusual font

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Carattere Identificato

Syntha  Suggeriti da Tobol9 

21/01/2013 alle 20:28

Carattere Identificato: Syntha

21/01/2013 alle 20:29

Thank you SO much! I have been digging through the most common font websites looking for it and you got it in an instant! Thanks a lot, I mean it!

21/01/2013 alle 20:30

You're welcome

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