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Candy Crush Saga Font

20/01/2013 alle 21:31

I would like to know what the psychedelic font is that is used all throughout the famous "Candy Crush Saga" Facebook game. In the image, the font that concerns me is the one used for level completion, the share button, high score, and finally, the names listed down the right hand side. Thank you to anyone who can help me. Cheers!

Candy Crush Saga Font

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Candice  Suggeriti da Rodolphe 

20/01/2013 alle 21:32

PS. Super game!!
Carattere Identificato: Candice

Modificato su 20/01/2013 alle 21:32 da Rodolphe

20/01/2013 alle 21:44

Thanks for the identification. I just started playing Candy Crush Saga. I love the design and the music especially.

20/01/2013 alle 21:48

If you like it you may even more like Jewels Star!

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