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SHIELD ID Badge Fonts

17/01/2013 alle 04:02

If someone could help me identify the 'Level 7' font (and the rest of them, if you happen to know them off the top of your head), that would be brilliant. I know it's fuzzy, but even something remotely similar would be a huge help.

SHIELD ID Badge Fonts

Caratteri suggeriti

Frutiger  Suggeriti da SexyElvis7 
U.S. 101  Suggeriti da Gfunk 

17/01/2013 alle 04:14

try US101.TTF
Carattere suggerito: U.S. 101

17/01/2013 alle 06:40

Frutiger for SHIELD
Carattere suggerito: Frutiger

17/01/2013 alle 06:52

LEVEL 7 - many options
20th Century Medium Condensed -
Futura Condensed Medium -
Agency Gothic Medium -

17/01/2013 alle 06:59

Coulson Phillip J. - Arial Bold or Helvetica Bold
Agent - Arial Narrow Bold

17/01/2013 alle 07:21

Serial number - OCR-B

17/01/2013 alle 07:44

Bless your faces, both of you, oh my god. Thank you so much.

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