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Recherche de police [photo]

15/03/2011 alle 16:42

Bonjour, je recherche une police sachant que les identificateurs de typo n'ont pas fonctionné. Je dispose que de quelques lettre.

Pourriez vous m'aiguiller sur quelles est elle? Ou une police proche.
Aussi pourriez vous m'indiquer la marche que vous avez suivi?

Recherche de police [photo]

Modificato su 15/03/2011 alle 18:33 da Rodolphe

Carattere suggerito

Tachyon  Suggeriti da ITellYa 

15/03/2011 alle 20:37

The N looks like Tachyon, the I could be Tachyon with custom dot... Not sure about the A...
Carattere suggerito: Tachyon

17/03/2011 alle 09:36

Yes sure, but the O is not a letter of Tachyon. I try to put ( ) but it's also different.
The A seems to be a tachyon.
So I will work with tachyon, even if it's not exactly the same. Thanks!

17/03/2011 alle 12:29

For a logo, many times, a part is handwork (not a font).
For me, the "O" is not a letter of a font but created with a graphic software. It's easy : a withe circle, a black circle, a black rectangle, change color to green for the left alf. Finish. 1 min.
Idem for the "I" : two white rectangles.

I think that the top of the "A" is handly modified to.

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