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What does "free for personal use" mean?

30/09/2015 alle 19:35

Okay, so I have a band, and I've recently had a designer create a logo for us. After some investigation into the font he used and asking him about his purchasing of the rights, he said it was a "free for personal use" font and he had not purchased the rights, though he had originally claimed everything was taken care of in the initial payment. That being said, now our logo is in and around several locations in cities, YouTube, Facebook, etc. without the rights being paid for. According to some of the forums I've read, this isn't an issue because we aren't advertising anything such as an album or a product, only shows. Would I be safe in assuming that I should just buy the rights if I'm going to continue using this logo? Thanks!

30/09/2015 alle 21:36

Thank you for bringing this up. The way the font is used in your case is not personal use. It is used in your logo which is used to promote your band and its performances or so. You will earn money or later earn money with this use. Best is to contact the font designer, explain the case and ask for a license for this kind of use.
As your designer claimed everything was taken care of in the initial payment it is your designer who has to pay for that license and then transfer the license to you.

01/10/2015 alle 09:42

Spry ha detto  
Would I be safe in assuming that I should just buy the rights if I'm going to continue using this logo?

I think it's the best way (and lagaly the cheapest) to regulate your situation.

01/10/2015 alle 13:01

Awesome, thanks guys. That was a lot of help!

02/02/2016 alle 21:39

03/02/2016 alle 04:07

christorregosa ha detto  

That is only applicable to Lost Type fonts.

Get in touch with the font author/designer and ask them what they consider personal use and what is not.

11/04/2016 alle 14:54

HI! I want to ask something too.

I love editing pictures. I just want to ask if it's okay to use "free for personal use" fonts for some things. I'm a fan of a group and I'm an admin of a fanbase. We have facebook page, twitter, youtube, and website. Is it okay to use those kind of fonts in our edits (wallpapers, display pictures, etc.)? And is it okay to use those fonts in videos? And book designs (which aren't published into physical books)?

I love some fonts but they are labeled as "free for personal use only". I may do something illegal and I don't want that to happen.

Thank you.

11/04/2016 alle 15:01

You should ask the author if you want to be sure, as every author has a different approach about "personal use".
Depends on if you have ads on your website, if you earn money through video ads,...

16/09/2016 alle 23:53

I make artwork that I never profit off of, but I upload it to DeviantArt. Is there any way that would be considered not personal? Nobody else can profit off of my art as I watermark it, and I always credit all external sources of free textures and that, and I don't do commissions or anything monetized.

20/09/2016 alle 09:54

Ever the same answer : contact the author of the font.

30/10/2018 alle 16:08

I have beautiful font only there is only for personal use. I want to do it for my youtube banner, is that for personal use or not. There is no readme when I download the file. Can someone help?

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30/01/2019 alle 02:49

Usually "free for personal use only" means that you cannot use this content for commercial purposes, you can use it for yourself. But it is better to clarify with the author, because he could embed his meaning in these words.

10/08/2019 alle 04:48

Hey, I have a question too.
I am posting some pictures on Instagram, and I wanted to ask, if I could use the fonts (free for personal use) for the pictures. My Instagram page is totally noncommercial.

24/08/2019 alle 11:52

Aren't there a number of public domain fonts? Some might actually be useful. Also, there are many that are open for personal and commercial use. Use the various search tools, and take a look at what shows up. But as several have said, it's good to double check with the authors.

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