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11/01/2013 alle 03:47

Anyone seen an exact match to this? I need to change one letter on a decal and need this font!

Font ID

Caratteri Identificati

Frivolous  Suggeriti da rocamaco 
Curlz  Suggeriti da rocamaco 

11/01/2013 alle 03:53

"So Chic"...
Carattere Identificato: Frivolous

Modificato su 11/01/2013 alle 04:08 da rocamaco

11/01/2013 alle 03:55

The rest...
Carattere Identificato: Curlz

Modificato su 11/01/2013 alle 04:09 da rocamaco

11/01/2013 alle 04:06

Frivolous is REALLY close it looks like!!! And I did try and replace it with Curlz but there are a few differences. Thanks so much to both of you!

Modificato su 11/01/2013 alle 04:08 da cristin

11/01/2013 alle 04:31

Here you have something similar (and free) for "So Chic", just in case

Modificato su 11/01/2013 alle 04:32 da SashiX

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