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13/03/2011 alle 12:37

what is name this font


Modificato su 13/03/2011 alle 12:45 da Rodolphe

Carattere Identificato

Klavika  Suggeriti da Rodolphe 

13/03/2011 alle 12:46

Carattere Identificato: Klavika

13/03/2011 alle 14:18

where to find free font klavika?

13/03/2011 alle 14:25

uniqszc ha detto  
where to find free font klavika?

Klavika is a commercial font, and so you need to pay for the font in order to be allowed to use it...

13/03/2011 alle 14:34

I understand, but I need without pay.
I will not use in large projects. Thx.

13/03/2011 alle 17:23

up ..

13/03/2011 alle 17:29

uniqszc ha detto  
up ..

What do you want???

Klavika is a comercial font, so you can't use it for free... Only if you find an illegal download you'll be able to use klavika for free, and we'll not help you with that...

13/03/2011 alle 17:57

type in your sample text, make a screenshot of your browser, cut out the text, that's it

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