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Font ID please

30/12/2012 alle 04:29

If anybody could help me out identifying this font. That would be greatly appreciated..

thanks in advance

Font ID please

Carattere Identificato

Cathedral  Suggeriti da claudeserieux 

30/12/2012 alle 04:43

Cathedral (Martin Wait)
Carattere Identificato: Cathedral

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30/12/2012 alle 05:03

where can I find the font..googled it and cant find it anywhere. Are you sure this is the font.


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30/12/2012 alle 05:32

Not yet digitized I think, and yes this is the typeface, for show:

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30/12/2012 alle 16:03

Letraset transfer lettering sheets

07/07/2017 alle 21:54

Hello from the future.

Somebody named Dick Pape made a digital version of this typestyle. It won't let me link directly to the Cathedral page, but if you click on the "list of all fonts" hyperlink on the homepage, you can find Cathedral in the list. Follow that link and you'll find a downloadable .ttf file.

Carattere suggerito: Cathedral
  (Già suggerito qua)

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07/07/2017 alle 22:19

Rusty Waters ha detto  

Somebody named Dick Pape made a digital version of this typestyle.

I believe it was made by mindofone. The download site and the font itself confirm this.

10/07/2017 alle 00:26

Sorry Rusty Waters, I removed the illegal link you posted.

10/07/2017 alle 20:16

Oh dang, sorry—why was it illegal? Is there another way to direct people to the file?

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