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14/12/2012 alle 12:47

i know that .... Photoshop work.i want to know name of this font that used in image


Caratteri Identificati

Marker Felt  Suggeriti da SexyElvis7 
Fontdinerdotcom Luvable  Suggeriti da Rodolphe 

14/12/2012 alle 19:02

Marker Felt for the ".pK"
Carattere Identificato: Marker Felt

14/12/2012 alle 19:37

ok .pk font has been found can any body tell name of font Songs

15/12/2012 alle 19:40

Carattere Identificato: Fontdinerdotcom Luvable

15/12/2012 alle 19:42

Thanks for this you solve this mystery

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