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Please help me to find the font name

30/11/2012 alle 22:15

Please help me to find the font name, its very urgent to me.

Thanks and waiting for reply.

Please help me to find the font name

Carattere Identificato

Handel Gothic  Suggeriti da SashiX 

01/12/2012 alle 05:40

Carattere Identificato: Handel Gothic

Modificato su 01/12/2012 alle 10:42 da drf_

01/12/2012 alle 06:31

Thanks for your suggestion.

01/12/2012 alle 10:43

This one on ascenderfonts has that "r", I've changed your link

Modificato su 01/12/2012 alle 10:51 da drf_

01/12/2012 alle 17:17

Hey, good to know, drf Thanks

01/12/2012 alle 17:30

You're welcome

04/12/2012 alle 06:05

Thanks drf & SashiX for your help.

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