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Comme Adventure... sauf le I

17/11/2012 alle 09:44

Bonjour !

j'ai trouvé la police qui correspond pour tous les caractères, sauf pour le I et pour les accents...
Adventure ne les reconnait pas !

Merci de votre aide

Comme Adventure... sauf le I

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Adventure  Suggeriti da SashiX 
SF Comic Script  Suggeriti da koeiekat 

17/11/2012 alle 10:47

The ShyFonts Type Foundry made a version that does have the accents, the SF Comic Script.
Carattere suggerito: SF Comic Script

Modificato su 17/11/2012 alle 10:50 da koeiekat

17/11/2012 alle 15:37

or this one
Carattere suggerito: Adventure

17/11/2012 alle 16:10

17/11/2012 alle 16:23

"Lost in translation" moment

17/11/2012 alle 16:31

no. It's not adventure. This police don't make an accent or a point of i

17/11/2012 alle 16:40

Et pourtant, si tu regardes bien sur la page de la police "Adventure", elle comporte les accents.

17/11/2012 alle 16:56

That i or even maybe an upside-down ! is from another font. And don't ask me which one for searching for an i or ! only is a dreadful task.

17/11/2012 alle 17:45

drf_ ha detto  

"Lost in translation" moment

D'oh! Don't understand a

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