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Une idée pour cette police de caractères d'album ?

01/11/2012 alle 09:58


Une idée pour cette police de caractères d'album ?

Carattere Identificato

Carolyna  Suggeriti da frd 

01/11/2012 alle 10:36

Worst cover ever
Carattere Identificato: Carolyna

01/11/2012 alle 11:07

many thanks for the identification
cover perhaps inspired by a siren shampoo
November 26

01/11/2012 alle 11:24

You're welcome It just looks so fake, the light is horrible and she looks like someone just killed her cat

01/11/2012 alle 12:16

lol the unreal atmosphere seems desired by the artist
the cover is not necessarily easy to access (influences Vee Speers)
listen album soon on Amazon

01/11/2012 alle 13:00

Oh no trust me, I won't listen to it anywhere Anyway, that was just my modest opinion on the matter

01/11/2012 alle 14:32

to each his music and musical opinion
thank you again for the font

01/11/2012 alle 14:43

Fuso orario: CEST. Ora sono le 15:02

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