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Please help me find this particular font

24/10/2012 alle 03:39

Hi, I own a local desktop publishing business and i have this order where they want me to imitate this exact font:

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

Please help me find this particular font

Modificato su 24/10/2012 alle 03:41 da touji666

Carattere Identificato

Bickham Script  Suggeriti da malvolio 

24/10/2012 alle 03:45

Carattere Identificato: Bickham Script

24/10/2012 alle 13:03

It's close but not quite =(

Any other guesses?

24/10/2012 alle 14:24

@touji666 You got to turn on the alternate letters. It's a perfect match.

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