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Need to know both of these

23/10/2012 alle 20:30

Need to know both of these. Any help is appreciated.

Need to know both of these

Carattere Identificato

Blaze  Suggeriti da malvolio 

23/10/2012 alle 20:38

Carattere Identificato: Blaze

23/10/2012 alle 21:09

That's really close, but a little too rough around the edges. Going to try it anyway since i can probably clean it up. Thanks!
Any idea on the other?

24/10/2012 alle 00:45

Concerning the word "Logan", it is that font, but the designer did what you said you'll try to do - cleaned it up. The shapes look identical to me.
Concerning the serif font, it's hard to tell, it might be a number of things, such as Times, Minion, and Garamond. The M is definitely swashed, though.

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